Making a difference in Swaziland is a humbling and life-changing adventure. Buckswood can help you to make the most out of your opportunity by setting up a work placement in a local school. Schools in Swaziland tend to be poor in facilities, but are extremely wealthy in their welcome and love. Typically supplies and books with be minimal. You may find yourself in a class with 40 students whilst there are only chairs for 20. What these schools lack in material, they more than make up for with their sense of community.

We can offer you a chance to be a part of a school and join the community to make a huge impact. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will need a willingness to help and get involved and will teach lessons to the youth of Swaziland. You will be rewarded with the smiles and gratitude of the students.

There are two teaching routes you can take: General Teacher or Mathematics teacher. Every child is one caring adult away from being a success story.

Every child loves the wonders of learning and discovery. As a child, stumbling across new things is an extremely exciting endeavour and the possibilities seem endless.

Every child love to read, if you give them a book, they are happy and you will see lots of smiling faces looking back at you. Education is as equally important in a Swazi child’s life as it is in any other. What these children lack is not enthusiasm or willingness, it is teachers. The children come with buckets full of passion for learning, all they need now is a passionate teacher to guide them along their way. Education is essential for a child’s upbringing. Join a school and make a child’s dream come true.