Sports Coach

Every child loves sport. Give a child a ball and they are happy! Football and netball play important roles in a Swazi child’s school life. Sports and exercise go hand in hand with education and are vital for any growing child. A healthy body means a healthy mind. We are calling for Sports Coaches to come and get involved in the mentoring of these children. Whilst there is a lack of equipment, there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm. We offer the opportunity for you to get out in the red dust and kick, flip and throw a ball around with the Swaziland community, teaching them the tricks and trades of the sport your love.

To help you fulfil this placement, we can set up a placement in a local school, where you will be able to take classes and coach them in sports including football and netball. The classes tend to be very large in size, sometimes having in excess of 30 students in one class, but the determination and curiosity of each child will make it very rewarding. This is a great opportunity to Volunteer in Swaziland and make a difference.