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Volunteering is a very personal adventure. The most valuable thing you can give someone is not money, but your time. Due to the personal nature of this adventure, we are very interested in hearing why you want to Volunteer in Swaziland and contribute your time to help the residents. We have the basic tools and infra-structure to help you making you adventure a reality and make a huge impact on the lives of many. Buckswood have been running this volunteer programme for over 10 years and we strongly believe that we have created a fantastic experience that has been fulfilling for every client.


The parental company, Buckswood UK operates schools and education centres. Buckswood understand and appreciate you needs and wants while you are away, knowing that what you really want is a home from home environment. The house is a good fusion of both European and African styles, with 24 hours security and a delightful house mother, Nonny. Mothers need not worry about your trip, as between Nonny and our fantastic time, you will be well looked after.


We offer four volunteering pathways: Farming Volunteer, Teaching Volunteer, Medical Volunteer and Sports Coach Volunteer.