Buckswood Swaziland

Over the last thirteen years Buckswood School has developed many close and personal ties within the Kingdom of Swaziland, gaining many good friends and supporters as well as a solid reputation for commitment to the country. To demonstrate the confidence Buckswood feels for the future development of Swaziland, the school has recently made a substantial investment in the form of a lodge house, a comfortable and secure base for visitors wishing to explore this great country. It is a setting ideal for shaking off the red dust, relaxing and contemplating the events of another beautiful and inspiring day in Africa. Enjoy the many wonders Swaziland has to offer from this wonderful location.


Rich, vibrant and astoundingly picturesque, the Kingdom of Swaziland is an unspoilt and relatively unknown tourist destination. With breathtaking sub-Saharan landscapes full of variety and colour, Swaziland is a small country rich in culture and tradition. Take time to explore and discover what makes Swaziland so proud. A journey across this African gem of a nation is one of unexpected discovery: mountains, savannas and fertile valleys inhabited by only a million people whose natural warmth and sense of hospitality are guaranteed to make you want to stay for ever.